Your goal is to include and develop your internal experts and that is where you envision the potential for the future: from custom-designed workshops through individual leadership training to coaching … Benefit from our proven portfolio of services for leadership and organization development.
Find, Don’t Search.

Our Consulting Approach.

Business excellence is easily distinguished among professional expertise and factual argumentation. With regard to a continuous and future-oriented development, we focus your view on the relationships and processes within a corporation, because this is where the potentials are hidden.

Consulting at Process Level:

The expert view: You can achieve business excellence by applying continuous improvement processes, lean management and continuous innovation management.

The process view: We ensure further development of methodological skills by focusing on decision processes. We support the formation of networks, promote interdisciplinary working and strengthen organic corporate development.

Consulting at Relationship Level:

The factual focus: Perfectly thought-through concepts point towards an upcoming or already triggered organizational change. The logic is already established, all you need to do is get started.

Relationship focus: Starting by focusing on facts, we exemplify the relevance of emotional relationships in the specific living and working world. If employees are involved, it will generate high commitment and acceptance.

Consulting at the Perception Level:

Pointing to the others: Searching for errors and justification among others is something you want to leave behind you. Your dedication is to implement already existing corporate values.

Taking a look at ourselves: We support your employees by making them aware of their own attitude and the effect of their behaviour. This is how you promote responsible action and vivid leadership.

Utilizing Potentials.

Our Workshop Concept:

Future-oriented solutions require working in heterogeneous groups with a high degree of specialist knowledge. These new working methods require new leadership skills.

No matter whether performing the problem analysis, developing new products, concepts and action strategies … We offer professionally facilitated workshops that initiate, establish and expand future- oriented leadership and creative working within corporations.

Our Workshop Offer:

Process optimization:

  • Project planning
  • Finding creative ideas
  • Establishing innovation processes

Improving relationships:

  • Working in teams and establishing interfaces
  • Values as a guide for collaboration
  • Creating acceptance for strategic changes

Enhancing perception:

  • Recognizing time as a resource
  • Accompanying change
  • Collaborating across generations (Tell me Y)

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Establishing Expertise.

Our Seminar Offer:

People participate as well as they can. The more skills, methods and activities are available to them, the better they succeed. It is important to continuously question your own behaviour and to change it if necessary. We communicate well-proven methods and practice them in an interactive and experience-oriented manner.

F&O in-house group seminars: Min. 6 persons with identical training requirements. The topics are clarified depending on the goal and agreed upon concertedly.

F&O open individual seminars: Do you want to develop yourself further individually? In our catalogue we offer you a selection of topics suitable for this purpose. We are delighted to advise you on how to design your personal development plan.

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Making Potentials Visible.

Your goal is to include and develop your internal experts and that is where you envision the potential for the future: from custom-designed workshops through individual leadership training to coaching … Benefit from our proven portfolio of services for leadership and organization development.


Visual Thinking – making Solutions Visible.

Abolish what’s unimportant, try new things, reduce complex issues to the essence or just gain an overview … we use visual creativity to develop solutions. As a builder of the future we develop future visions, illustrate ideas and context within the organization, or shed daylight on successes.

Breathing Cycle – from the Problem Area to the Solution.

We use an organic approach to meet the demands of high external dynamics with fast changing requirements.

We perform the individual working steps from recognizing and investigating the problem area through searching for action opportunities to finding a solution. This methodology takes into account the seamless transitions and develops a  rhythm similar to breathing, between expansion and reduction, investigation and result.

Implementing Change.

Change Communication.

Change and transformation will only succeed if you include your employees from the start. How do you mobilize people to participate? How do you make your proposition for change transparent?

Beyond our facilitation we support you when observing internal target groups and involving them in relevant communication measures and change processes. This way we achieve the necessary awareness, acceptance and sustainability.

Our communication services:

  • Development and realization of a communication concept
  • Event and conference management
  • Recording and multimedia storytelling
  • Establishing and maintaining social business channels (corporate blog, intranet, webinars)
  • Realization of cross-media campaigns
  • Feedback and measuring success

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Changing work culture and learning on the path to a social business:
  • Agile development instead of strict work sharing
  • Participation and transparency instead of hierarchical ways of thinking
  • Sharing experience instead of holding back knowledge